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Swedish Government plan to increase Culture Budget by SEK745/EUR71 million

In the Budget Bill for 2018, the Swedish Government is increasing the budget for culture by SEK 745/EUR 77 million per year. This includes SEK 275/EUR 26 million to be invested in libraries and SEK 115/EUR 11 million per year in freedom of the arts. In addition, further investments will be made on democracy policy and anti-discrimination policy. The Budget Bill for 2018 is based on an agreement between the two government parties (Social Democrats and the Green Party) and the Left Party.

“This is the largest increase ever in the budget for culture that any Minister for Culture has presented. The increase in the culture policy share of the central government budget is a historic victory for culture, which shows that this Government is committed to giving priority to the role of culture in our society,” Minister for Culture and Democracy Alice Bah Kuhnke.

This SEK 115/EUR 11 million per year investment will enhance artistic freedom throughout the country – this will represent an increase of the grants and remunerations allocated directly to artists, independent performing arts groups and cultural publications. The package includes the following:

– Grants and remunerations allocated directly to artists will be increased by SEK 60/EUR 5.75 million per year. Some of this funding may also be allocated to innovative activities under the Culture Bridge project.
– The Swedish Arts Council’s appropriations to independent performing arts groups will receive an additional SEK 25/ EUR 2.4 million per year.
– Independent actors in the area of visual art and design will receive an additional SEK 12/EUR 1,1 million per year.
– The Public Art Agency, Sweden’s support to artistic design of the shared environment, will receive SEK 10/EUR 1 million per year.
– The Swedish Arts Council’s support for publishing literature and cultural magazines will be increased by SEK 8/EUR 0.8 million per year.

Comments from the Swedish Artist Association (KRO) are linked here.

Published in July 2018

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