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KRO vs The Swedish Embassy in Japan – Part two

Following the news of a legal dispute caused by an avoidance to use the MU agreement at the Swedish Embassy in Japan an amicable agreement has been reached.

On 12th March 2015 Swedish national television and Swedish national radio broadcast an announcement that KRO / KIF have managed to make an agreement with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which confirms that:

  • The invoice regarding the exhibition replacement for the exhibition “We and You Who Wonder Why” organised through the Swedish Embassy is now payable to the artists
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in collaboration with KRO / KIF will now develop an information pack that will be sent to all foreign ministries outlining how the MU Agreement is applicable (the MU framework agreement and the standard developed in conjunction with the MU Agreement)
  • The Ministry for Foreign Affairs (UD) shall recommend all foreign authorities to make use of the standard agreement issued in connection with the MU negotiations
  • In the event questions arise about the MU and how it should be interpreted and/or applied, UD shall provide a contact person that KRO / KIF or any of the other organisations can liaise with
  • The Foreign Ministry will develop an action plan for monitoring the enforcement of the MU Agreement

Sofie Grettve, union lawyer for Artists Organisation (KRO) and the Swedish Craftsmen and Industrial Designers (KIF) said “It has now been agreed that by having clear and concrete agreements, it will be easier for Swedish ministries abroad to display Sweden’s internationally strong visual arts. Ambassadors and Honorary Consuls can now be proud of both the art and their support of artists’ conditions”.

Published on in May 2015.

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