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Exhibition payment in Norway

In Norway, as in many European countries, artists do not receive payment for preparing and setting up an exhibition. This situation needs to change and the campaign #utstillingsavtalen will hopefully contribute to this.

Artists should be paid for any work they carry out – and, to begin with, a payment initiative should be created to support exhibiting in publicly funded galleries and museums. (Utstillingshonorar). Norwegian artists are now also re-negotiating the agreement they have with the state, regarding ‘compensation payments’ for showing works of art. Currently this is a kind of rental-agreement, meaning that the artist receives a remuneration for the time any artwork, owned by the artist, is on display in a public space (utstillingsvederlag). The Norwegian Ministry of Culture launched a short term pilot remuneration project in 2013, that will run until October 2016 – the project will then be evaluated. We will await to hear the results of the evaluation and how the initiative will proceed.

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Published on in October 2016

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