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Swedish Government plan to increase Culture Budget by SEK745/EUR71 million

In the Budget Bill for 2018, the Swedish Government is increasing the budget for culture by SEK 745/EUR 77 million per year. This includes SEK 275/EUR 26 million to be invested in libraries and SEK 115/EUR 11 million per year in freedom of the arts. In addition, further investments will be made on democracy policy and anti-discrimination policy. The Budget Bill for 2018 is based on an agreement between the two government parties (Social Democrats and the Green Party) and the Left Party.

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In Kind’ artist research project in Scotland

As a collaborative partnership project, EARights are currently looking for artist led initiatives in Europe that are investigating artist economies at a grass roots level.

A good example of this investigative work is the ‘In Kind’ research project by visual artists Janie Nicoll and Ailie Rutherford. In April/May 2018 the two artists explored the hidden economies of Glasgow International and the “below the water-line” economy of the arts – debating artist precarity and issues of unpaid labour. Glasgow International is Scotland’s largest festival for contemporary art, taking place over three weeks every two years across the city of Glasgow. 

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Reform for Exhibition Fees in Norway – Pilot Project 2014-2018

The Norwegian government is currently investigating a reform that aims at paying artists for their work with exhibitions and has the potential to become the biggest investment in the artist economy in the country since the 1970s.

The state pilot project is now under review and it will be decided whether exhibition fees will be a permanent scheme on the state budget from 2019. A reference group consisting of representatives from artist organisations and 24 museums and gallery venues has followed the pilot project and contributed to the evaluation.

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Cultural policy in the time of the Creative Industries

During the last two decades many reports on the economic importance of the Creative Industries have been published throughout Europe. This classifying and measuring of the Creative Industries has continually produced many debates and discussions, and some have had productive outcomes.

The authors of Cultural Policy in the Time of the Creative Industries maintain that now is the right time to “develop equally influential classifications and metrics for the Cultural Industries”.

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Arts Council England commits to investment overhaul

Arts Council England (ACE) has confirmed the reforms to its investment processes, proposed in February 2016, will become official policy. Even though there are concerns regarding the funding of this investment overhaul, there also appears to be extensive backing across the arts sector.

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The significance of institution in the processes of culture

On 6th November 2015 the Lithuanian Artists‘ Association organised an international conference to explore ‘The Significance of Institution in the Processes of Culture’ to celebrate their 80th anniversary in Vilnius. This event brought together a number of artist representatives that have been involved in the European Artists Rights project to share their experiences of artist working conditions in other regions and discuss organising models with the Lithuanian Artists.

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Visual Artists’ Resale Right

Update on the global campaign for a new international treaty on the visual artists’ resale right. The resale right is a fundamental right for authors of graphic and plastic arts. It consists of a small percentage of the resale price that art market professionals pay to them at each resale of their works, be it in auction or in a gallery.

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