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Who we are

The instigation and organisation of this project was created through the collaborative work of artists Chris Biddlecombe (Glasgow) and Guðrún Gísladóttir (Copenhagen). Both have a background in the support and development of artist working conditions and rights. The projects on this site promote their shared aims to: gather data to improve understanding of how European artists work; act as a catalyst to instigate genuine reform; encourage change to happen through collective artist bargaining; support cross-border networks and exchange of information between artists and creative managers.

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Exhibition payment rights – project outline

This first collaborative project was established to explore the current situation of how visual artists are contracted and remunerated for their work through out the broader Nordic region. Research was carried out to: collect data about the artist’s situation in different countries; compare working conditions; understand common issues; and discuss methodologies to combat problems.

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Artists’ Rights – strengthening creative economies

We live in curious and difficult economic times and as artists, we share many problematic and contradictory issues. The objective of this project has been to use the Swedish MU Standard Agreement on costs and artists’ commission and exhibition remuneration as a model for similar contracts for visual artists in other countries. This is a starting point to then develop into a wider unified creative model.

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The importance of collecting information

In considering and debating issues regarding Exhibition Payment Rights within the seminar groups we have continually returned to the problem of how the artist builds a clear and compelling argument. Governments and strategic agencies will demand statistics and figures clearly indicating proven areas of growth, strength and weakness. This is another reason why, as individual artists, we need to work with a collective voice and ask questions of our whole creative sector so that the public and the government understand our arguments, and we are in a strong position to negotiate.

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Nordic Culture Point – Showcase

The project was showcased on Nordic Culture Point’s website.

Showcase: Artists’ right to payment

In the Nordic region, equality and workers’ rights are values that are deemed extremely important and are highly cherished. As a worker, one has certain rights for example, the right to a salary and vacation time. These rights are supposed to include all industries and workers. But the fact is that people in the creative industry are not always being remunerated for their work in the Nordic and Baltic region.

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