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Reykjavík City Council approve additional payments to Reykjavík Art Museum

Back in 2016 artists in Iceland launched a campaign to promote fair payment for their creative work. The We Pay Visual Artists Campaign was set up through the Association of Icelandic Artists (Samband íslenskra myndlistarmanna, SÍM). At the core of the campaign is the Contribution Contract outlining the participation and support of artists in exhibitions drawn up through a working group of Icelandic cultural institutions.

An Icelandic representative was invited to be part of EARight’s original working group discussions on artist payments and a key reference point for the group has been the Swedish MU contract. The MU contract, as discussed at our original workshops, has been the basis of comparable contracts in Norway and Denmark, and has been referred to in the initial research of the Paying Artists campaign in the UK.

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Danish artists’ income – Hvad tjener en kunstner?

Fra Dansk Kunstnerråds Nyhedsbrev: I marts stillede Socialistisk Folkeparti et beslutningsforslag i Folketinget om en udredning af kunstnernes økonomiske vilkår.

Mange skabende og udøvende kunstnere er udfordret økonomisk, men den seneste redegørelse for kunstnernes økonomiske vilkår er fra 1997 – og kan derfor med rette betegnes som forældet. Dansk Kunstnerråd er derfor meget positiv overfor, at der netop er blevet stillet et beslutningsforslag til Folketinget om en udredning af kunstneres sociale og økonomiske forhold. Læs beslutningsforslaget.  

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Exhibition payment in Norway

In Norway, as in many European countries, artists do not receive payment for preparing and setting up an exhibition. This situation needs to change and the campaign #utstillingsavtalen will hopefully contribute to this.

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A steady stream of good news from WAGE. We receive a regular update from Working Artists and the Greater Economy in New York with information about organisations that are being W.A.G.E. certified across the U.S. 

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