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Exhibition payment in Norway

In Norway, as in many European countries, artists do not receive payment for preparing and setting up an exhibition. This situation needs to change and the campaign #utstillingsavtalen will hopefully contribute to this.

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Paying Artists consultation session

The Paying Artists Campaign was launched two years ago by a-n/AIR with the aim of securing payment for artists when they exhibit in publicly funded galleries.

Over the last 18 months a-n/AIR has consulted a wide range of galleries, museums, exhibition spaces, funders and artists in the UK and learned a great deal about the diversity of the visual arts sector and the variables that affect fee negotiations. The progress and research summaries are available on the Paying Artists website.

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A steady stream of good news from WAGE. We receive a regular update from Working Artists and the Greater Economy in New York with information about organisations that are being W.A.G.E. certified across the U.S. 

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Exhibition payment rights – project outline

This first collaborative project was established to explore the current situation of how visual artists are contracted and remunerated for their work through out the broader Nordic region. Research was carried out to: collect data about the artist’s situation in different countries; compare working conditions; understand common issues; and discuss methodologies to combat problems.

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Artists’ Rights – strengthening creative economies

We live in curious and difficult economic times and as artists, we share many problematic and contradictory issues. The objective of this project has been to use the Swedish MU Standard Agreement on costs and artists’ commission and exhibition remuneration as a model for similar contracts for visual artists in other countries. This is a starting point to then develop into a wider unified creative model.

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MU / the Swedish EPR agreement

In 2009, the Swedish government adopted a new agreement for remuneration to artists for the display of work. The MU agreement – a ‘participation and exhibition remuneration agreement’ – which covers payment to artists for display of work, as a kind of ‘rent’. This is additional to other kinds of financial compensation for an exhibition, such as transport, installation, publication, etc. The agreement makes it clear that all work the artist undertakes at exhibitions – before, during and after the show – is to be governed by a written contract and remunerated outside the framework of the exhibition fee.

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